Audits identify strengths and weaknesses in a process or production chain.

The audit report provides a clear overview of how the operation meets current criteria regarding the environment, quality and Chain of Custody, as well as the company’s own standards.


An internal audit of management systems is a tool for refining and developing the production process. It is also a potent tool for changing and improving the business.

A detailed analysis and audit of the critical aspects of the business provides a detailed picture of how well the processes and procedures are working. The analysis shows what improvements will provide the greatest return in the form of rational and cost-effective production.

Cederquist’s audits and analyses are conducted in collaboration with the company’s employees. This brings to the analysis relevant knowledge about how the production is run day to day.
The result is a balanced report on which to base decisions, outlining defined areas of improvement. The report becomes an instrument for creating rational production and an efficient organisation.